Quirky collection of artistic ducks Symbolising human emotions and behaviour with a burst of colours.

What The Duck brings you a superbly exciting cardano duck project where artistic flair and human psyche have come together to create a world of ducks reflecting human features. Each duck is unique with a humanistic touch giving you the chance to relate to it better. With distinct personalities, each duck brings something special to its rightful holder.

As a community of ducks, we are focussed on building a strong membership that paddles together and grows with the project. Creativity, colour and quirkiness are key aspects of our designs that make it appealing and fast moving too! With a rapidly-growing community of duckers, the project is built on the ethos of giving our members something unique, something they can relate to and something fun too. 

It’s time to grab your duck and  join our paddle swimming  towards glory!


  • Built on the Cardano Blockchain
  • 555 VIP boxes with special benefits
  • 4 different colours with a limited supply of each, serving a purpose in the project
  • 200 unique traits
  • Every duck is uniqe
  • 8 1/1 ducks, completely different from the entire collection



Launching Twitter

Launching twitter for social media presence and showcasing our art

Art Generation

Completing art generation for The Vip Box’s and WTD Main collection

Building the Duck Army

Launching our Quack-land (Discord) with aim of building the duck army, and give insights about the project

Launching Ducker Times

Conducting daily giveaways, LAUNCHING DUCKER TIMES newspaper for the community.

Launching Website

Launching website with complete details of the team in it.

Twitter space / AMA’s

Twitter space / AMA’s for giving insights about the team and the project


Vip box mint will be done for whitelist members with left over going for public sale


Holder raffles for vip box holders


Preparation for the Season 1 mint


Minting season 1 NFT’s!

Let's Race

Updated roadmap will be published


Sunny/ Sunnyboy

Sunny/ Sunnyboy:

Empowering the community with Technology

Co-Founder and Tech Manager for What The Duck, Sunny Bapna has been in the NFT space for over a year with knowledge of crypto and Defi coins dating back 3 years. A computer engineer by qualification, a professional DJ by personal interests and talent and a successful entrepreneur based in India, Sunny ventured into the NFT space seeing the huge rising potential in digital assets given the proclivity towards technology in the Gen Z. 

He handles the business development and technology management for What the Duck, with his observant eye on the fluctuations in the NFT market globally. He works toward designing the perfect business model and cutting-edge technology backup for the project to facilitate the growth of the entire project. 

Manan/ Nanji Bhai

Manan/ Nanji Bhai:

Eye-popping and heart-warming creativity

Co-Founder, Community Manager and Creative Head for What The Duck, Manan was drawn to the booming industry of NFTs given his combined passion for art &music and digital technology. An entrepreneur running an agricultural products manufacturing and trading unit, Manan has diversified his portfolio with a keen passion for digital assets and crypto and has been actively involved in crypto and NFTs for quite some time. 

Manan brings quirky ideas and a colourful vibrance to What The Duck. As the Creative Head, his artistic vision makes our NFTs stand out and appeal to the members of our community. Manan’s creative vision extends to Business Development as well for WTD where his out-of-the-box ideas fuel the growth of our community.

Utkarsh Veer

Utkarsh Veer

Rocksalt Founder and Managing Director, Utkarsh Veer, represents the WTD art team. His experience of 21 years in the digital art industry and game designing space has given him an exponential artistic edge which oozes creativity in our artwork too. Working with animation studios like DQ Entertainment, UTV Toonz and Escotoonz among many others, certainly makes him a value addition in our creative process too. He brings alive the vibrant vision of the project with his designs.

Payal Jain
Joseph Baker


We have chosen Cardano because 

  • The CNFT Community is Ducking amazing!
  • It has low-gas fees, making it affordable to a larger number of people. It is decentralised and quite inclusive too. 
  • It offers scalability with an increasing capacity to handle millions of new users through a decentralised app ecosystem.
  • Smart Contract functionality that offers great speed 
  • It offers on-disk storage and has a reduced dead time between blocks

To be announced soon. Follow us on Twitter and join our Discord to stay updated with the announcement.

Yes. We will be partnering with CNFT.TOOLS for rarity

We will be distributing royalties.

  • Royalties will be set at 10% for the VIP box
  • 60% of our entire royalties collected will go back to members holding our VIP BOX 
  • 40% will be kept by the team for further development/growth of the project. 

Yes, we will have royalties set at 5% for the main collection.

Our NFT collection is based on ducks because they are friendly, social and adorable. They have a sense of community and togetherness and keep connected with their members, thus building a strong group. This is what we intend to build and bring in our community as well.

Our mint partners are Shrooms.

Once a member mints WTD NFT from us or buys a WTD NFT from the secondary markets, it will give them complete ownership of the WTD NFT. You have the full rights to the DUCK you own to use at your own discretion.